Tackling bad behaviour of employees

Published: 01st August 2009
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Tackling bad behaviour of employees

There are employees that spread negativity, there are some who have a tendency of arguing, there are some who don't like listening to their boss and some who don't take orders seriously. The first mistake that the seniors do while handling these employees is ignoring them. If you let go once, the chances of that act duplicating augments.

So the first step should be confronting the employee. The bad behaviour could be due to stress at work or at home. On such occasions, discussing issues with your employee can be the best mode of solving it. For the ones who are not willing to lend their ears, a more stringent action should be incorporated.

Warnings are one way of intimidating your employee but this tool should be used only when the problem is serious. Admonishing the employee in front of others may generate a sense of anguish and contumacy in the employee. This can be catastrophic for the organization. Maintaining serenity is also vital. Severe agitation or rebuking can take a negative toll on the employee. Hence it is better to tackle these situations in isolation.

One more crucial thing while handling problem employees is keeping your emotions out of it. You might be friends with the employee outside the organization but when at work, professionalism should be you're superfluous. It might help you in developing camaraderie with your employee but not so much that the employee uses you manipulatively for their own advantage.

Bad behaviour spreads negative aura and a negative environment cannot breed positive effects. Hence it is important to eliminate the negativity without letting it affect your proliferation.

-Arti Bakshi
Human Resource- A Magazine for the Discerning Professional

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