Pros and Cons of hiring Over-Qualified Personnel:

Published: 06th July 2009
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Pros and Cons of hiring Over-Qualified Personnel:

Graduation, post- graduation, MBA, PhD, job experience, so many qualifications tagged to one person usually intimidates an employer rather than impressing. The reasons could be several like he might expect too much salary, he might over power his colleagues or even his seniors, he might be too elderly and un-willing to adapt to a new environment, why did he/ she leave his previous job in spite of being well- qualified and experienced?

Ambiguity leads to denial hence the over- qualified tag is alarming and many job- seekers fear being called one since over- qualified in congruent to not fit enough.

Being over- qualified surely brings with it a lot of efficiency. You can expect the concerned person to deliver more than the other employees in a short span of time. Also a person with worldliness bears huge amount of erudition, which can be beneficial in a way that reduces the expenses incurred by the company. His expertise will help the organization during critical situations because he will know the exact way of tackling a ballgame. One more ascendancy of being well equipped is the list of contacts that you posses. Building contacts is a valuable asset for the organization and a person who presents a company with it can be regarded as a hen which hatches golden egg.

At the end of the day recruiters are looking for people who are delighted to accept the offer and will give their heart and soul to the organization. So if you present yourself in a way that appeals the head hunter, it doesn't matter if you're over or under qualified.

-Arti Bakshi
"Human Resource- A Magazine For The Discerning Professional

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