Job Rotation

Published: 10th August 2009
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A leap from one job profile to another for the individual as well as company growth is the objective of job rotation. This formula involves the risk of losing good employees because a person adept at one task may not be competent enough for a change but the benefits of job rotation outnumber its drawbacks hence more companies are coming forward to accommodate this concept.

Job rotation gives the employee an opportunity to explore different processes within the company and understand its working in detail. This helps in enhancing your skills and is the best possible means to succession planning. An employee's competence can be put to test through this method and on the basis of the results the task can be bestowed upon the employee. Assessing which employee is best at what task can be known by job rotation.

Job rotation also deviates from a sense of lassitude. Monotonous work day after day adds to your apathy hence it supplies a fresh change to your career. Variation can also lead to job satisfaction as the exposure to different fields can be satiating.

Though job rotation involves more of lateral growth than vertical, it can be an effective means of motivating your employee. Promotion always boosts the employees' morale and makes him feel that his work is appreciated. Acknowledging the employee's capabilities is the best form of stimulation. Every employee seeks for a development in career and job rotation provides the same.

It is a crucial decision that the company makes while shifting an employees base. Hence proper planning is mandatory. Testing the employee's skills and capabilities is essential before recommending them for a change in position as training demands high costs from the company, also understanding the process thoroughly may kill a lot of time. Thus these decisions cannot be taken in haste.

Adjusting into a new position can be arduous for some. Some employees may not be willing to accept change as they get used to a routine and a modification can be tiresome.

Many employees do not consider a lateral growth in their career beneficial because the responsibilities may broaden without an increase in their salary. The frequency of conversion should be taken care of. Frequent changes in profile will add to the employees disorientation and prove to be chaotic.

After all job rotation is a form of promotion and can be propitious if done with proper planning.

-Arti Bakshi

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