Job- Knowledge Test

Published: 01st October 2009
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Job knowledge test is executed in order to gauge the employee's progression and the skills that need to be implemented for increased proficiency. Generally these tests are performed either prior to joining an organization or during the event of promotion.

Another reason for evaluation could be a disruption in the company augmentation. In order to understand where the employee's lag behind and for adopting appropriate training methods, a test can be performed.

Job knowledge analyses various skills that the employee possess and that one might have acquired by manifold years of experience or training. The skills can be technical and in regards with the branch one belongs to.

The test scrutinizes certain qualities like leadership skills, relationship management, inter disciplinary awareness, decision making and ability to take authority of the work performed. These accomplishments are essential for effective work management. An employee should know the methods to tackle risky situations and maintain a healthy relationship with his/her co-employees.

Conceptualizing a plan for swift functioning, effective means of communication that can generate quick results, ability to grasp and learn new devices and involvement in extra curricular activities of the organization is also evaluated to know the competencies of the employee.

Contemplating these skills, a promotion can be drafted. Every employee should imbibe these qualities in order to achieve and augment. Once you know what you need to work on and what you are good at, appropriate changes can be made to deliver the paramount results.

Arti Bakshi

'Human Resource'

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