E-Recruiting: Benefits & Drawbacks

Published: 01st August 2009
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E-Recruiting: Benefits & Drawbacks

The online job portals are on the rise and just a click away. They have replenished newspaper advertisements because they have multiple advantages over newspaper ads. It is beneficial for the job seeker as well as the job provider.

The foremost profit is in terms of expense. A newspaper advertisement can prick your pocket but the online portals are affordable. Also the paper charges depending on the length of the advertisement thus you cannot detail your requirement and have to face unwanted responses which do not meet your criteria; whereas on the net, your description could be long and precise. It is also advantageous for the job seekers who can use this facility for free if they have access to internet.

Another advantage is that it is an effective and accelerated technique. You can upload your requirement within 10 minutes and the replies also generate in a fleet; at the same time you can also access more number of people. Your search can be specific and you can eliminate unnecessary feedbacks. With the help of keywords, specifications like the salary, experience, educational qualification can be cited.

It also works if you need to hire people belonging to a location other than where you are located. This helps cut on relocation charges.

The hindrances are few like sometimes you may get flooded with responses and it can be difficult and time consuming sorting it out. The second drawback arises when a person does not have access to the internet or is not technically savvy; the online job portals are futile for him. Because you specify your personal details on the internet, the method involves some amount of risk and your personal details become transparent.

Some jobs require knowledge of a particular language so that you can communicate to people in different dialects. So specifying this requirement on the job portals may lead to allegation on the grounds of discrimination.

But on the whole e-recruitment is definitely a boon for the industry as the advantages supersede the disadvantages.

-Arti Bakshi
"Human Resource- A Magazine for the Discerning Professional

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