Employee Involvement is a motivating factor

Published: 29th July 2009
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Employee Involvement is a motivating factor

Employee involvement in taking decisions for the company can be beneficial for both the company and the employee. Fresh minds can generate fresh ideas that may not dawn upon you even if you are a senior. There is no harm in listening to different ideas. The involvement is generally at workgroup level rather than higher decision making levels. The idea might actually click and you would come to know how dedicated the employee is towards contributing for the company.

Employee involvement gives the employee a sense of belonging. When one treats his company as his own, the nurturing, and the growth becomes his responsibilities and a responsible employee delivers more. Employee involvement will produce improved enterprise performance through diverse channels including enhanced discretionary effort by employees.

The commitment level increases and hence the contribution. The employee feels that he is conspicuous to the company and thus tries to participate more often. There will be high performance at the workplace and it also can be considered as a learning process.

Employee involvement is a motivating factor for the employee. If an idea given by the employee is accepted, it makes him feel ecstatic and worthwhile. At the same time to promote and put his idea to use, he would give his heart and soul.

It also helps in effective communication. The employees of a company can come together to find a way out to a problem and this activity also helps in building close ties amongst the team-members. It is important for an employee to have camaraderie with his co-employees. Making connections is another way of encouraging your employees towards company growth.

-Arti Bakshi
"Human Resource- A Magazine for the Discerning Professional

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