Consumer is the King

Published: 17th July 2009
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Consumer is the King

It is because of the consumer that the producer earns his livelihood hence the consumer is regarded as the king. In the absence of consumer, earning the daily bread would be hard to comprehend for the manufacturer.

Still we hear cases of counterfeit against the consumer. The egocentric seller looks only for his gains rather than consumer needs. Providing adulterated or low-grade products or service ameliorates in cost -cutting for the organization but hinders the consumer. The consumer protection act of 1986 acts as a reconcile for such situations.

Cases of consumer being treated with honour are also contemplated. Their grievance is tackled with care and they are provided with adequate facilities if demanded for. The service industry in India is fast gaining appreciation. New ways are implemented in order to provide the best service possible so that the customer comes back to you and spreads the word about your organization.

Customer satisfaction research is one way to know how a consumer acknowledges a company. It can help the businesses in building stronger relationships with customer. The information gained through customer satisfaction research allows you to target limited resources in improving services. Gone are those days when producers would be kings, today the consumer is the king. The key to entry-exit of companies is in the hands of the consumer.

Today, the major driver of a company's profitability depends on customer satisfaction level. With easy availability of options in today's world; the consumers are riding a high wave.

-Arti Bakshi

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